Wednesday, March 5, 2008

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Fundraising Event

Music, Video, Speakers, Food
6-9 pm Wed., 3/19
Sunset Café
2096 E. Main St., Ventura
(across from Ventura High School)

Tickets: $20

Sponsored by
Ventura County Committee to Stop the War

Almost forty years ago, veterans of the Vietnam War gave public testimony to the war crimes and atrocities committed on behalf of the U.S. government. Now, Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are repeating Winter Soldier for this war.

In order to help raise funds for this historic event, Ventura is joining with thousands of other communities to host a benefit event for soldiers against the war.

For more information,
call 805-279-9275 or email VCStoptheWar[at]

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evan austin said...

Iraq Veterans Against the War held a series of hearings on the weekend of March 14 through 16, 2008 (the same weekend as Not One More! here in Libbey Park) called "Winter Soldier 2008", modeled after the Winter Soldier hearings in 1971 during the Vietnam War.

i have downloaded all of the testimony from these emotional and enlightening hearings, and will gladly burn you a 10-disc audio set for $10 (a single mp3 disc for $1). $5 will go to the Ojai Peace Coalition, and $5 will go toward the new IVAW Chapter in Ventura. email me to request a copy.

here's Infantrymen Clifton Hicks and Steven Casey giving testimony as part of the March 14th panel "Rules of Engagement, Part One": LISTEN. DOWNLOAD.