Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Protest at Military Recruiting Center

Ventura County Committee to Stop the War
invites all groups and individuals to a

Planning Meeting to Protest the War
at a military recruitment center

Saturday, July 19
2 - 4 pm
Topping Room
Foster Library
651 E. Main St.

Ventura County Committee to Stop the War is planning an antiwar protest at the Oxnard Armed Forces Career Center, 2347 N Oxnard Blvd. in Oxnard. We are hoping to have the protest the month of July. We are considering a press conference with street theater to emphasize the disaster of war that enlistees may face. Our goal is to permanently close the center through an ongoing campaign.

Already we have committed to reaching out on Friday, July 4th with a petition in opposition to military recruitment. Signatories endorse a general statement to opposition to military recruitment in their communities, with the option of adding their communities' names and types (college, high school, town, etc.). Please come to help organize for the Fourth of July outreach in downtown Ventura.

If your organization has an interest in participating in the protest, please consider sending a representative to this meeting. No one will be expected to commit any organization to any action; instead, protest planners can report to their groups important details of the meeting.

Contact VC Stop the War at vcstopthewar@gmail.com if you and/or your group would like to participate.

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